Thank you for such an awesome design, suit, and experience. For anyone on the fence, SMP delivers in every way possible. More to come, for sure!
Mike A / Private Commission
This is hands down the coolest modern Nova costume we've seen yet! We're still keeping our fingers crossed that a version like this will show up in the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' film.
MTV Geek News / Media
SMP Designs was, by far, the best experience I have ever had with a costume maker. I've commissioned a few costumes, and have always had huge problems. Sean was the exact opposite. Amazing work, extremely high quality. Highly recommended.
Vince R / Private Commission
Sean is fantastic to work with. I always know he has everything covered. I don't need to ask questions or worry. It's done, right, the first time! Hire this guy. You won't regret it!
Linda Burns / Independent Film Producer

Thank you for your interest in SMP Designs.

SMP Designs specializes in end-to-end custom costume and apparel creations ranging from one-offs to complete productions. Past projects include numerous theatrical productions, short and feature films, print ads, television, trade shows and museum pieces. We have created specialty pieces for private collectors as well as clients such as: Cartoon Network, Delta Airlines, Diageo North America, Georgia Power, Hanson Brick and Turner Studios.

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How It Was Made: Dr Doom
January 26, 2018

By now, it should be pretty obvious that I’m really into two things when it comes to my own projects: Original concepts and re-designs Working with a mix of materials, especially foam So, for my latest experimental project, I’ve decided to put together an original concept Dr. Doom. The last foam-heavy project before this to […]

How It Was Made: Red Skull
July 2, 2017

This post will cover a Red Skull redesign costume made as a companion piece for my armored Captain America. For this version of the classic Cap nemesis, I wanted to go with a brand new concept and modern update to counter and complement the design of the Cap costume. The first thing to tackle was […]

In this post, I’ll cover the creation of a Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross A.T.A.C. armor suit. I wanted to push my foam building skills and thought this would be a great challenge. I want to create the entire suit in foam – no resin casts, no 3D printing, all foam. I began with the […]

How It Was Made: Wolverine
February 26, 2017

In this post, I’ll be covering a new Wolverine project. This will be an original version of the character based on different concepts and reference images that the client and I reviewed and selected design elements to focus on and include. As usual, the first step was to create a fitting mock up. I created […]

How It Was Made: Raven
January 1, 2017

In this post, I’ll be going over the the construction of a redesign of Teen Titans’ Raven. The client originally sent me the art below from the animated Teen Titans series. While this was the base for the design, we wanted to amp it up and make it more cinematic. So, I decided to add […]

How It Was Made: Noel Batman
September 30, 2016

This thread will follow the construction of a new Batman suit based on the Noel graphic novel. This suit will be made in the same style as the recent Captain America suits – an ‘armored’ torso that fits over a stretch shirt with the sleeves and pants that combine ‘armor’ and stretch elements. Below is […]

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