Film Spotlight: The Unwanted
September 20, 2014

Below is a selection of stills from filming. For more information, visit the official site, the¬†Facebook¬†page or the IMDb listing.   Featured Image: The Unwanted movie poster (1 of 3) by Danger Press.

How It Was Made: Captain America (2014 edition)
September 15, 2014

Another Captain America project is under way and this one has a bit of a twist. It’s being made so that it’s convertible – the torso can be swapped out and the chest stripes can be removed so the costume can be work as either the “classic” Cap or the Commander Rogers “stealth suit” version. […]

How It Was Made: Macross Flightsuit
June 17, 2014

This page follows the creation of a flightsuit from the anime series Macross (Robotech in the US). When considering this costume, I wanted to create an update to the original version and bring a lot of realism to the outfit while maintaining the style of the art. Below is the original artwork I used and […]

A client contacted me wanting to have a new Steve Rogers Cap costume built but he wanted it in the style of the Avengers Cap costume (with all the piecing and top-stitched seams). Based on the reference images he sent me – two of which are above – I created the following rendering for his […]

How It Was Made: Starkiller
June 16, 2014

It’s time for a new in progress gallery. This one covers creating a Starkiller costume from the Star Wars: Force Unleashed. For those unfamiliar with the game or the character, here’s an image from my reference file for the costume. We began by working out a template for the armor. Starting with poster board, the […]

New Pics From the Set of Dekiru
July 28, 2013

Here are some brand new pictures from the last two weeks of shooting for Dekiru. There are only a few more shooting days left until wrap! For more posts on the project, check out the official Facebook page.

The first two weeks of shooting have wrapped on location in Tennessee and coastal Georgia. In spite of some pesky weather, the shooting all went very well and excitement is higher than ever around the project. Here are some sneak peeks behind the scenes. Special thanks to Writer/Director, Fred Grant and cast members: Aidan Lewis, […]

It’s always a pleasure to be complimented and have people want to shoot your work at conventions or studio shoots, but it’s an entirely different story when that same work is requested for submission in a book. Especially when that book is as well put together as this one. SMP Designs has 6 pieces in […]

On Set Pics – FF8 Short
February 15, 2013

I recently made two costumes from the Final Fantasy series for a short fan film. The shoot went very well and the finished short should be released soon. In the meantime, here are some pictures taken on location during the shoot.