A client contacted me wanting to have a new Steve Rogers Cap costume built but he wanted it in the style of the Avengers Cap costume (with all the piecing and top-stitched seams). Based on the reference images he sent me – two of which are above – I created the following rendering for his […]

How It Was Made: Starkiller
June 16, 2014

It’s time for a new in progress gallery. This one covers creating a Starkiller costume from the Star Wars: Force Unleashed. For those unfamiliar with the game or the character, here’s an image from my reference file for the costume. We began by working out a template for the armor. Starting with poster board, the […]

How It Was Made: Bucky Barnes Captain America
September 18, 2010

This page follows the creation of an adaptation of Bucky Barnes’ Captain America costume. Click HERE for more information about Bucky Barnes. The first thing I needed to accomplish for this costume was a pattern for the cowl. I didn’t have a good all-purpose cowl pattern, so I decided that it was about time. Once […]