Film Spotlight: Invasion of the Undead
February 26, 2015

“When unemployed recent college grad ALLISON encounters a bizarre creature in the bathroom of her newly-inherited mansion, she reluctantly enlists the aid of DESMOND AND JAKE, two freelance paranormal exterminators. Unfortunately for her though, Desmond and Jake are not the most competent bunch, and when a terrifying cosmic evil from the mansion’s past reveals itself the trio are soon fighting not only for their own lives but also for the fate of the entire world.”

Invasion of the Undead is an 80s-style horror/comedy and is the first feature film from Atlanta-based micro budget production company MONSTERBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT. I was asked to create the costume for the main villain of the film – one version for his ‘undead’ self and another version for his ‘human’ self shown in flashbacks.

I was given concept art and images of the actor and began work on the costume. Torey Haas, the director of the film, wanted something that had a period look, but also very stylized with an 80s comic-book vibe.

concept art 2

Here’s a video that follows the creation of the costume from concept, through constuction and into final screen testing with makeup and principal photography.

For more information, follow the film’s Facebook Page or watch the feature on Vimeo On Demand.

Some reviews for Invasion of the Undead:

“A visual feast with glowing neon, blood, humor, and some really cool creatures! It exists in a surreal world of its own. It’s perhaps EVIL DEAD meets SUSPIRIA meets GHOSTBUSTERS.” – James Rolfe,

“This is the film that would result if the Raimi brothers and Astron 6 made a movie together.” – The B-Movie Avenger, B-Is-For-Best Movie Reviews

“This is the most fun I have had with a movie in a long time. Check this one out as soon as possible.” – Blacktooth, Horror Society