First HeroesCon Last Weekend – But It’s Certainly Not Going to be The Last
June 11, 2013

HeroesCon is an almost exclusively comic-book (or graphic novel, for the elite of you) based convention held in Charlotte, NC every June. I was asked to go with my friend and collaborator, Chris Donio from Lab 604 and help with the costume panel and contest. The entire weekend was a great time and I had a blast meeting all of the artists and getting to catch up with friends that I don’t get to see very often.

The entire show was, from my point of view, a great success. I was asked to go to the show to join the costuming panel and help with the costume contest. I was overwhelmed by the turnout for both events and the infectious enthusiasm that these people had for both the show and their own craft. There seems to be so much drama around costuming these days, it was really nice to just see people having fun with it at a very relaxed and congenial convention.

Here’s a little video I cut together of my experience there. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the show, all the artists and, most importantly, all the fans!