How It Was Made: Agents of Asgard Loki
July 26, 2016

There’s another Loki project in the SMP studio! This one is based on the Agents of Asgard series and below are a few of the numerous reference images that I’m working from.

Loki - Agent of Asgard 1 Loki - Agent of Asgard 2 Loki - Agent of Asgard 3 Loki - Agent of Asgard 4 Loki - Agent of Asgard 5

My client is working on some of the components herself, so the pieces that I’ll be creating are:

  • Coat with shoulder ‘armor’
  • ‘Armored’ vest
  • Undershirt
  • Belts

The first step, as always, was to create a pattern for an initial mock-up fitting. I drafted the pattern using a form in the studio and some standard block patterns I had and then sent the basic mock-up off to the client for a fitting.

aoa loki_fitting 1 aoa loki_fitting 2 aoa loki_fitting 3

Once I had all the notes on the alterations, I took the base pattern apart, transferred the patterns to paper and began construction with the vest. I created a base for the vest out of black twill. This will also serve as the lining for the front and sides. Next, I traced out the side pieces onto Swedish tracing paper and made a template for the details on the rib area.

aoa loki_vest 1 aoa loki_vest 2 aoa loki_vest 3

The rib template will address this section in the reference:

aoa loki_vest 3a

I wanted to reference the layered effect of the MCU Loki so, I decided to make the small pieces in the front out of 2mm EVA and build the ‘rib’ layers over them.

I cut the foam pieces and stitched the layers on top of them working from top to bottom.

aoa loki_vest 4aoa loki_vest 5

Once the sides were done, I wanted to add a little more detail and a nice frame for the chest piece to fit into the vest. S0, I created a 1/2″ band with foam and the same green fabric as an edge.

aoa loki_vest 5a

I then began on the center chestplate. The base for this piece was made in 1/8″ headliner foam. I then made a template for a ‘scaled’ armor effect which was cut from black upholstery vinyl and stitched onto the base.

aoa loki_vest 6 aoa loki_vest 7 aoa loki_vest 8

At this point, I got started on the coat. The coat will actually be constructed in 4 main sections:

  • Main body
  • Shoulder drape
  • Lining and skirt
  • Sleeves

Using the fitting mock up as a base for the patterns, I began with the main body section. The main fabric for the coat is a hunter green twill that’s been washed and fulled. The main body section was flatlined in muslin to provide added structure and the bottom edge was bound in the same green nylon that makes up the sides of the vest.

aoa loki_coat 1 aoa loki_coat 2 aoa loki_coat 3

Next, I created the shoulder drape. This piece will serve as a base for the ‘armor’ pieces as well as create the upper layer over the sleeves and in the back seen in the art. It looks a bit like a sailor collar at this point but, once it’s tacked down and the armor added, it will become more subtle.

aoa loki_coat 4 aoa loki_coat 5 aoa loki_coat 7

Next, I needed to assemble the lining. The coat is lined and edged in the same fabric that makes up the sides of the vest and the lapels and facings are the same twill as the rest of the coat. Once the lining was assembled, the skirt for the coat was added. This will allow the upper part of the coat to ‘float’ on top of the loose lining/skirt piece and will create the layered look of the artwork.

aoa loki_coat 8 aoa loki_coat 9 aoa loki_coat 10 aoa loki_coat 11

With the coat lined, I moved on to the sleeves. I decided to add some MCU details to the sleeves to give the overall look a little more interest and to tie the character together across the different media.

The detail is greatly simplified from the movie version and for details on how this effect is created, please refer to my other Loki build here.

aoa loki_coat 12

Once the sleeves were attached, the fur collar was added. Here’s the base coat completed and waiting for the metal trim and shoulder armor.

aoa loki_coat 13 aoa loki_coat 14

Speaking of shoulder armor – that was the next part to be built.

The two pieces were made of craft foam and headliner foam layered together and covered in leather. The leather was sprayed with Super 77 and then pressed into the details. The edges were turned under and all of the details stitched down.

aoa loki_armor 1 aoa loki_armor 2 aoa loki_armor 3

The pieces were then sprayed with gold paint. Here are some images of the painted pieces by themselves and pinned to the coat as they will be when finished and attached.

aoa loki_armor 4 aoa loki_armor 5 aoa loki_armor 6 aoa loki_armor 7

I moved from here to completing the vest. The next steps were to attach the shoulder straps and upper back and then the chest plate.


With the shoulders attached, I used the same painted faux leather to edge the chest plate and then stitched it to the front of the vest.

aoa-loki_vest-12 aoa-loki_vest-14

The lower back was added and the rest of the edges were bound in painted faux leather.

aoa-loki_vest-15 aoa-loki_vest-16

The last detail for the vest was the neck decoration at the front. This piece was made usingĀ a paper template and layering 2mm craft foam to create the ‘bevel’ effect. The piece was then Plasti-Dipped, painted and added to the neckline of the vest.

aoa-loki_neck-1 aoa-loki_neck-2 aoa-loki_neck-3

Next, I moved back to the coat for distressing and finishing. The edges of the sleeves and hem were cut and the entire coat was dyed, rinsed and dried to fray all the raw edges.


Several paint and dye treatments were added to the entire coat to give it an appropriately aged appearance. Lastly, the trim was applied. Rather than use zipper stops (as in MCU costumes) I used a hot-fix nail head trim. This metal trim is sold by the cut-yard and permanently adheres with heat.


The belts were made of two layers of faux leather stitched together with cast resin buckles and antique brass snaps for closures.


Here’s the entire costume together at this point.


The last part to complete is the shirt and the Loki is ready to cause some chaos – stay tuned!